Apples and Pears

Our pear trees are:

  • Summer Crisp - an early pear developed by MN.  Crunchy and mildly flavored.
  • Lucious - a later season pear developed by South Dakota that is juicy and bursting with flavor.

Our apple trees are:
  • Oriole - a softer early apple which has a distinctive flavor all its own.
  • Zestar! - one of the crisper early apples and some people prefer the flavor over honey crisp.
  • Haralson - a favorite cooking apple which stays moderately firm upon cooking.  It has a good apple flavor but is not as sweet as Honey Gold.
  • Halred - a redder version of Haralson that tends to be somewhat sweeter than Haralson.
  • Honey Gold - a cross between Haralson and yellow delicious.  A very good eating apple that is sweet with a tender skin.
  • Honey Crisp - the one that everyone talks about.  Very crisp and sweet.  Best for fresh eating, but I have not found an apple that does not make an excellent pie!
  • Keepsake - one of the parents of Honey Crisp.  This apple does not develop its true flavor until December.  Very crisp and a sweet apple. It will keep under normal refrigeration until May.

  • We do not use any chemical thinners on the trees and hand thin each tree to provide the size and spacing needed for the fruit to mature to a nice size.
    We let the apples remain on the tree as long as possible to allow the starches to develop into sugars resulting in sweeter apples.