Covered Bridge Farm, llc 



We have been busy clearing the field of left over branches and have chipped them into mulch for moisture control in different areas. 

We just finished straightening some leaders on exotic Koreana fir trees which requires pruning and sometimes aligning with a rod tied onto the leader until the tender growth hardens.

The grass rows have been mowed twice this season.  All the rain has been good for the trees and esp. some weeds which receive the mowing.

Morning fog over one field in October

The Covered Bridge Farm is a family owned and operated farm with 20 acres dedicated to cut your own Christmas trees in season.  We are located in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, just 4 mi. north of Hugo, MN, on the east side of US 61.  On the map, we are 3 miles due east, as the crow flies, of the 35E - 35W split on US 61.  Click here for directions.
We are part of Minnesota Grown.  Click HERE to visit other fine growers in Minnesota.

Be good to the earth and buy a real Christmas Tree.  The Minnesota Christmas Tree Association has developed a program to show the environmental advantages of using a real Christmas tree.  Click here to view the video.